NETTLE Cleaning Clay Mask*

Skin problems can be chronic or appear suddenly at any age. This is a lovely masks that leaves the skin of everyone very clean, smooth, hydrated, and nourished. Betonite Clay-absorbs dirt, sebum and waste products without stripping the skin of moisture. It reduces inflammation, calms down acne breakouts, heals, and soothes by removing “heat”. Clay may provide minerals which the skin can take in. It can reduce itching and speed the resolution of allergic reactions. Activated Charcoal unclogs pores and exfoliates. It removes deep impurities and excess oil. It may have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Seaweed-helps to repair damaged skin by providing vitamins and minerals. It rehydrates and maintains moisture in the tissues. Seaweed evens out skin pigmentation, plumps and protects delicate/aging skin. It may stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, possibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Matcha/Green Tea-Clarify, tones/tightens, brightens your complexion and improves skin texture. It reduces redness, irritation, and swelling. May prevent skin cancer and fight premature aging of the tissues. It shrinks blood vessels in the skin, reducing puffiness and dark circles. All of these ingredients are thought to improve acne, eczema, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, sunburn, and allergic reactions.

The baking soda and citric acid in this recipe create a nice bubbling foam when you add the liquid of your choice to the mask powder.

Nettle Cleansing Clay Mask

1/8 cup of matcha powder

1/8 cup of dried stinging nettles finely powdered

1/8 cup of nori powder

1/8 cup EACH powder of any other herbs you wish to use

1 cup of betonite, green, or white clay

2 TBSP of food grade charcoal powder

1/4 cup of baking soda

1/4 citric acid

Use a coffee/spice grinder to get the finest powder for your dried herbs. Mix ALL of your ingredients together in a large bowl. I recommend you do this outside or wear a dust mask to avoid irritating your lungs from the dust. Shake your mixture through a very fine sieve, removing any large particles. Store in a moisture proof container with a tight fitting lid.

You can mix 1-3 TBSP of the mask powder with the liquid of your choice (yogurt, honey, apple cider vinegar or warm water). You can decide the consistency/thickness of the paste. Apply the mask to clean, damp skin. Let dry and remove with warm water. You can mist your mask with warm water as it dries to prolong contact with beneficial properties.


honey, apple cider vinegar, or hot water, yogurt

Nettle is hardy perennial in the Urticaceae family that grows 2-7ft high. It has dark green hairy/downy (underneath) stinging leaves that are lance shaped with serrated margins. Arranged alternately on stinging square stems. The yellow roots are tough and tangled. The flowers are very tiny, light green, and on auxiliary clusters. It can be found growing in large abundant patches in the woods, along rivers, roadsides, in fields and cultivated in gardens. It prefers likes sun and nitrogen/organic matter rich soil. It does not like dry conditions. Male and female reproductive parts occur on separate plants.

Nettle has a nasty sting but it is strong and very useful medicinal plants. The young tops are high in vitamins, chlorophyll, and minerals making them a nutritious spring green that can be used in soup, stews, stir fry, pesto, and baked goods. It is one of the few foods that has vitamin C with iron for perfect absorption. This herb counteracts inflammation, supports the body to produce antihistamine, and binds immunoglobulin G-making it helpful for all kinds of allergies (food and seasonal). Supports the secretion of uric acid. It builds and cleanses “blood” for females of all ages and increase circulation. Historically it is has been used to treat anemia, internal bleeding, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, asthma, enlarged prostate, urinary problems, kidney stones/issues, poor milk supply, menstrual problems, heavy periods, colds, bronchitis, sinus infections, high blood sugar/diabetes, cardiac disease, high blood pressure, fluid retention, fever, blood clots, acne, yeast infections, hives, tendonitis, sciatica, poor circulation, sore muscles, night sweats, low blood sugar, neurological problems/infection, hypothyroidism and headaches. Nettles assist the body to clear poison and venom.

Topically nettle has been used on burns, eczema, inflammation, infection, nosebleeds (as a styptic), dandruff, hair loss, hemorrhoids, cuts/wounds, cellulite, boils, chilblains, rashes, insect bites, , sunburn, and varicose veins. It tones/tightens the skin, nourishes tissues, and brings blood to the surface. This helps to removes toxins and heal damage.

Humans have also used nettles for rope, cheese making, textiles, paper, dye, insect repellant and compost.

Parts used: aerial tops, leaves, stems, rhizomes and roots.

Energetics: cool, bitter, dry, salty.

Element: fire

Contraindications: Eating late season plants uncooked/raw may damage the kidneys (due to high levels of nitrates) and irritate the digestive tract. The “hairs” on the fresh plants will inject an irritating substance under the skin that can cause pain and rashes. Handle with care. Most people consume this plant only by drying or cooking it. In sensitive/deficient individuals it may irritate the kidneys with prolonged use. Otherwise it is very safe for everyone.

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