Sage mouthwash and toothpaste*

Even though I floss and brush regularly, dental care is challenging this year for several reasons. I have the time, knowledge and skills to be proactive and make my own simple solutions. I always feel comforted and empowered when I can use something made from my own garden. These recipes are inexpensive, effective, easy toContinue reading “Sage mouthwash and toothpaste*”

BLACK CURRANT and Thyme Oxymel

It is always exciting to find and experiment with something new. I made three oxymels this year, each using a different type of fruit-oranges, currants, and hawthorn berries. An oxymel is an infusion of herbs into vinegar and honey (see also shrubs, kvass, kombucha, switchels and other similar fermented “sodas”/drinks ). Plants easily give upContinue reading “BLACK CURRANT and Thyme Oxymel”