GINGERbread Spice Sugar Scrub

I always try to come up with a few “holiday” recipes each year. They make great last minute gifts and additions to my crisis care packages. This sugar scrub is very quick and easy to make. I did some research, looking at several recipes. The addition of tapioca starch makes this scrub less likely toContinue reading “GINGERbread Spice Sugar Scrub”

Sugar Cookie Lotion Bars (yarrow)

I was invited to participate in a holiday fair to raise money for a local non-profit. While I had a lot of stock on hand for my crisis care packages, there were no items with a clear Christmas theme. Adapting my go to recipe to create these really cute lotion bars proved very easy toContinue reading “Sugar Cookie Lotion Bars (yarrow)”

Restful Sleep Sachet (catnip)

There are many young people and a few adults in our social circle who are not sleeping well. In some cases these are chronic situations or the internal consumption of herbs is contraindicated. An herbal sachet is a way to support the body with medicinal plants through “micro dosing” and using their aromatic properties. ThisContinue reading “Restful Sleep Sachet (catnip)”