Menopausal Electuary (CHASTE TREE)

This was my year to experiment with honey as a medicinal base. I have used it in a burn ointment, to make floral infusions, and as electuaries. What is an electuary? It is a powdered herb mixed with raw honey. The texture can vary from more like a syrup when less powder has been addedContinue reading “Menopausal Electuary (CHASTE TREE)”

Herbal Cough Drops (horehound)

I have made cough syrup with horehound in years past. This is the first year I attempted cough drops. This is a pretty standard recipe for making the traditional horehound candies that have been sold in American candy stores for decades. Horehound grows all around me as an invasive weed on land that has beenContinue reading “Herbal Cough Drops (horehound)”

Prebiotic Electuary (MARSHMALLOW)*

Prebiotics are special plant fibers that support healthy bacteria to grow in your gut by providing them with food. They are carbohydrates that your body can’t digest, so they make it all the way to the colon where they are needed most. Your body’s microorganisms metabolize and ferment the prebiotics. Upon metabolism, byproducts such asContinue reading “Prebiotic Electuary (MARSHMALLOW)*”