Acne Tincture (OREGON GRAPE)

I have teenaged girls in the house. I am motivated to keep their skin healthy as it scars easily. A good acne tonic has herbs that sooth inflammation, reduce irritation, clear heat, cleanse “the blood”, fight infection, support the liver/other organs, promotes the movement of waste products like hormones, inhibits the growth of micro-organisms, healContinue reading “Acne Tincture (OREGON GRAPE)”

The Yoni/Vaginal Steam (YARROW)

A steam for you perineum or vagina should be part of regular self care for all girls and women. It is an ancient tradition common to many cultures. Thanks to midwives and indigenous healers, the practice is becoming more common here in the US. This steam is not a douche. Its purpose is not toContinue reading “The Yoni/Vaginal Steam (YARROW)”

Self Care Sunday Easter Basket (teens)

Some days my daughter awakens from sleep without her rosy cheeks, beautiful smile, and bright eyes. She has lost some vital energy in the night. Maybe she had a bad dream, needs a conversation with peers, stayed up too late, is worried about her future/current events, or is spending a lot of time indoors/on theContinue reading “Self Care Sunday Easter Basket (teens)”