House Cleansing and Blessing Solution (Angelica)

The weather is starting to change and in the evenings I often feel chilled. I still have a few fresh herbs in the garden. This self care practice is perfect for moving stagnant energy, purifying living spaces and clearing the energy of the “old year”. In many cultures washing floors is more than removing dirt.Continue reading “House Cleansing and Blessing Solution (Angelica)”

GF Tropical Starfruit Cake (GINGER)

I needed an uncommon yellow fruit to complete a botanical illustration. I remembered starfruit from a trip to Hawaii but could not find any in the grocery store. So I had to order a small box from an on-line retailer. I only needed one for the drawing. What to do with the other ripe fruit?Continue reading “GF Tropical Starfruit Cake (GINGER)”

Allergy Tincture (Horehound)

A good allergy tincture is made of many herbs. Nettles is an obvious choice but what about horehound, echinacea, peppermint, rosemary, yarrow, ginger, Oregon grape root, elder flowers, and calendula too. Consider a blend of plants that are known for being anti inflammatory moving phlegm stimulating circulation having cooling properties that clear heat I usuallyContinue reading “Allergy Tincture (Horehound)”