I have tried many remedies for sleep support in my kids (who are now teens). Glycerites, syrups, teas, tinctures, and flower remedies. This idea has been the most successful. The key is calling it “chai”. During the summer I chill it and throw in some boba. It also helps that is does not look likeContinue reading “Dream Dust (CALIFORNIA POPPY)”

Herbal Calamine “Lotion” (chamomile)

The weather is just starting to get nice. Plants and insects are making their appearance to coincide with more time spent outdoors. It is good to be prepared for things like bug bites/stings, poison ivy/oak, acne, boils, and itchy rashes of all kinds. This lotion contains ingredients to soothe, heal, draw out, prevent infection, andContinue reading “Herbal Calamine “Lotion” (chamomile)”

Using Card Decks to Study Herbal Medicine

I bought my first oracle/tarot deck when I was 12 years old. This coincided with when I planted my first backyard herb garden. I wrote my own tarot card book in my 20’s. Did the entire Major Arcana and some of the Minor Arcana as photographs for an exhibition in college. Doing readings for myselfContinue reading “Using Card Decks to Study Herbal Medicine”