MUGWORT and Mullein Leaf Oil

Common mugwort and mullein work well together as a base oil. Once infused other oils can be added to reduce symptoms from Bell’s Palsy, vertigo, Meniere’s, rheumatism, TMJ, or shingles. All these conditions relate to “kidney”, ears, or inflammation of the nerves in the face. Maybe you are familiar with common mugwort as an ingredientContinue reading “MUGWORT and Mullein Leaf Oil”

Lady Jane Grey Granola with Dried HYSSOP and Lavender Flowers.

Thanks to to our new hoop house set up my anise hyssop is already up and huge. I can’t wait to use the leaves in recipes as there is an over abundance. Always thinking ahead, I saved some of its precious dried flowers from last summer for later use. I finally found something worthy ofContinue reading “Lady Jane Grey Granola with Dried HYSSOP and Lavender Flowers.”