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Welcome. This is basic information about the study group. For the moment we will be meeting virtually on the Colorado Backyard Pharmacies Study Group facebook page. By joining that group page you can post, view links/resources, and communicate with the members. At some point I hope we can meet in person in my home. In that space we have access to a kitchen and the healing garden.

The purpose of this study group is to assist individuals and families in creating their own backyard pharmacy and to learn about medicinal plants. Many people don’t have the ability to access an apprenticeship or formal program that grants a certificate. My intention was to meet their needs.

Together we will learn about 1)basic botany, 2)plants that grow well in this ecosystem, 3)laying out a garden in small urban spaces, 4)basic cultivation, 5)how to identify 50 common medicinal plants, 6))how to use 50 well know plants for healing 7)making various products from plants (tinctures, salves, liniments, electuaries, glycerites, etc.) 8)food as medicine 9) and so much more….

In the future when we can safely meet in small groups I hope that there will be field trips, hands on activities, fun in the kitchen, shared meals, tours of my garden, sharing/trading of resources. This group is not just about acquiring knowledge but building a close community to support each other during the challenging times ahead.

The current situation is chaotic and ever changing, I can’t plan or speak about more at this time. Right now you get to decide how you present the topics in your home. When we meet in person studies might have to be more formal and organized. There will be a weekly theme/topic, activities, and resources posted on the Facebook page. You can visit this blog for even more ideas. I am very open to letting the structure evolve based on the needs of the group.

About me-I started growing and studying medicinal herbs when I was twelve years old. I continued my formal studies in midwifery school. I practiced as an herbalist with clients. I retired to raise and home educate my own children. I studied botany/botanical illustration at the Denver Botanic Gardens. I have taught botany and nature journaling to families in the homeschool community. 2019 was a very full and busy year studying the traditional medicine of Mexico and Central Asia. I also planted an extensive backyard pharmacy and put together a complete home apothecary. I do consults if you would like support for optimum health and well being. I have a facebook page Blackbird’s Backyard Pharmacy where I post resources for gardening and interface with the on-line community.

I look forward to learning with you, Lesley


In the summer of 2021 I planted a hops plant. It grew maybe half a foot. Over the summer of 2022 it took off, requiring a trellis to support its lushness. I harvested so many of those “flowers” when they were still a vibrant green. Once dried they even stayed that color. Just harvested or…

TULSI, Lemon and Ginger Syrup

A year ago I took a workshop on using medicinal herbs for trauma, grief and support for the dying. Tulsi (holy basil) was a popular recommendation in many of the suggested formulas. I have never been that drawn to experiment with tulsi since it is not commonly grown in the US. You can now find…

Sage Cocktail Bitters

Bitters seem to be all the rage in any herb store or at local farmer’s markets. I have made a cacao based digestive bitter and a fruity thyroid support bitter. This was my first attempt at a “cocktail” bitter. We really don’t drink in my family. I will have to find some creative ways to…

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