Soothing Bath For the Spirit (MARIGOLD)

By the end of the herbal year I have run out of ideas for how to use the rest of my abundant harvest of plants. Drying herbs for winter baths make lovely gifts. There will come a day in February when one is low in energy and craving a sensual experience that enlivens your veryContinue reading “Soothing Bath For the Spirit (MARIGOLD)”

Self Care Sunday Easter Basket (teens)

Some days my daughter awakens from sleep without her rosy cheeks, beautiful smile, and bright eyes. She has lost some vital energy in the night. Maybe she had a bad dream, needs a conversation with peers, stayed up too late, is worried about her future/current events, or is spending a lot of time indoors/on theContinue reading “Self Care Sunday Easter Basket (teens)”

Self Care Sunday:Caring for your face

In an ideal world another woman would have taught you how to care for your face when you turned 13. All the suffering and trauma around acne and blackheads might have been prevented during those years transitioning into adulthood. Peri-menopause is another missed opportunity for learning how to care for mature skin. Eventually nothing canContinue reading “Self Care Sunday:Caring for your face”

Self Care Sunday :Self Massage with Constitutional Oils.

The concepts of constitutions (metabolic style, physical appearance, personality) ,humors (essences with a physical form like “blood”, “bile” or “phlegm” ) and the five elements (earth, fire, water, air space) exist in numerous cultures. If we follow a strict diet, adopt an specific lifestyle, live in a favorable surroundings and engage in certain rituals/practices thereContinue reading “Self Care Sunday :Self Massage with Constitutional Oils.”

Self Care Sunday:The Bath*

Baths are an ideal self care practice. They easily allow us to take charge of our own healing. Bathing has a long, multicultural history of- cleaning, purifying, discharging, rejuvenating, sanctifying, restoring, connecting , stimulating, cooling, heating, celebrating, replacing, nullifying, resolving, clarifying, repairing, blessing, balancing, transforming, regulating and proving communion with various forces. Types Foot-warms, easesContinue reading “Self Care Sunday:The Bath*”