Self Care Sunday:The Bath*

Baths are an ideal self care practice. They easily allow us to take charge of our own healing. Bathing has a long, multicultural history of- cleaning, purifying, discharging, rejuvenating, sanctifying, restoring, connecting , stimulating, cooling, heating, celebrating, replacing, nullifying, resolving, clarifying, repairing, blessing, balancing, transforming, regulating and proving communion with various forces. Types Foot-warms, easesContinue reading “Self Care Sunday:The Bath*”

No More Blues Bath Potion (Plumeria)

Well this week certainly requires a long hot bath. Historically baths have been used to cleanse, purify, relax, soothe, heal, sanctify, and release. This mixture has plenty of essential oils to provide the benefits of aromatherapy too. My girls loved the color and scent which brought back memories of our trips to Hawaii .This isContinue reading “No More Blues Bath Potion (Plumeria)”