Formulas for Everyday Teas

I am into three things lately 1)using medicinal herbs in products other than tinctures. Alcohol extractions are simple to make,  require little plant material, preserve for a very long time and are easy for clients to take. But tinctures have their limitations and may not be ideal for many health issues. 2)creating  formulas over single herb remedies. FormulasContinue reading “Formulas for Everyday Teas”

Waste Not Want Not (Winter Glycerites)

Fall is a great time to think ahead and prepare for the cold and flu season. Extracts using glycerin are the perfect option for children and individuals wishing to avoid alcohol.  Glycerin alone is antimicrobial, antiseptic and a great preservative. It dilutes well with water without change, is very soothing to body tissues (when diluted), and naturallyContinue reading “Waste Not Want Not (Winter Glycerites)”