Chicken Soup Medicine for the Soul (Lycium/GOJI berries)

In Eastern medicine it is common to add a paper bag of ingredients to something like a soup. Things like dried fruit, bark, twigs, roots or deer antler/gelatin. This becomes medicine instead of something a Western herbalist might prescribe like a tincture. These soups typically have chicken, rice, and vegetables. If you have traveled muchContinue reading “Chicken Soup Medicine for the Soul (Lycium/GOJI berries)”

Lemon Balm Honey Butter

As herbalists we are very familiar with using the medicinal properties of herbs and fats in the forms of infused oils and salves. Plants have many fat soluble properties such as certain vitamins, pigments, steroids, alkaloids, lipids, waxes, triterpenoids, chlorophyll, saponin, carotenoids, phytoestrogens, and volatile oils just to name a few. Plants in the mintContinue reading “Lemon Balm Honey Butter”