An Herb and Spice Holiday Season

Oh the sights and smells of the winter holiday season. As the days get colder, shorter and darker our physical and energetic body feels the need to rest. The process of journeying inward can lead to stagnation. That is why winter traditions incorporate the aesthetics and medicinal properties of certain plants. Spices known to stimulateContinue reading “An Herb and Spice Holiday Season”

Nurturing Kids With the Herbal World

No parent or guardian likes to see their child sick and suffering. Herbs have medicinal properties that help to support the physical body. But plants also have the ability to heal the emotional/spiritual body. The following ideas 1)create a relationship between plants and a child from a very early age. 2)surround children with healing “energy”Continue reading “Nurturing Kids With the Herbal World”

Bedtime Syrup and Tummy Calm Glycerite (CATNIP)

If you have a “nervous” or anxious child that has trouble settling down before bedtime, this syrup is a lovely addition to hot tea or milk. A little goes a long way so a teaspoon is plenty. An infusion of catnip helped one of my daughters when she had anxiety about going to school. IContinue reading “Bedtime Syrup and Tummy Calm Glycerite (CATNIP)”

Homemade ROSE Flavored Marshmallows

If you have planned ahead and dried some rose petals, you can make this yummy treat anytime of year. The girls and I really loved trying out our own homemade marshmallows on a snowy spring day. Not everyone enjoys the floral flavor of rose. Feel free to experiment with other ingredients such as cocoa orContinue reading “Homemade ROSE Flavored Marshmallows”