Matcha, Mint, and Cantaloupe Popsicles

Even though we have a month until the fall equinox, it feels like summer flew by and has already ended. My kids start school tomorrow. I have to remind myself that there are still many weeks left of harvesting, weeding, flowers, outdoor dinners, and lovely weather. For those hot days still to come this isContinue reading “Matcha, Mint, and Cantaloupe Popsicles”

An Herb and Spice Holiday Season

Oh the sights and smells of the winter holiday season. As the days get colder, shorter and darker our physical and energetic body feels the need to rest. The process of journeying inward can lead to stagnation. That is why winter traditions incorporate the aesthetics and medicinal properties of certain plants. Spices known to stimulateContinue reading “An Herb and Spice Holiday Season”