GF Tropical Starfruit Cake (GINGER)

I needed an uncommon yellow fruit to complete a botanical illustration. I remembered starfruit from a trip to Hawaii but could not find any in the grocery store. So I had to order a small box from an on-line retailer. I only needed one for the drawing. What to do with the other ripe fruit?Continue reading “GF Tropical Starfruit Cake (GINGER)”

Gluten Free-Lemon, LAVENDER, Poppy Seed, Yellow Squash Cake

Lavender is in bloom all over town. If you don’t have it your yard I bet you have neighbor who does. Lavender is known for its amazing aromatic smell which can give baked goods a subtle floral flavor. I have an overabundance of summer squash this year and I am not a particular fan ofContinue reading “Gluten Free-Lemon, LAVENDER, Poppy Seed, Yellow Squash Cake”