An Herb and Spice Holiday Season

Oh the sights and smells of the winter holiday season. As the days get colder, shorter and darker our physical and energetic body feels the need to rest. The process of journeying inward can lead to stagnation. That is why winter traditions incorporate the aesthetics and medicinal properties of certain plants. Spices known to stimulateContinue reading “An Herb and Spice Holiday Season”

Christmas Fruit Cake (SAFFRON)

This year I ordered organic crocus bulbs. I have always wanted to grow my own saffron. Marigolds and Calendula are a poor substitute. I planted them in large pot and moved them indoors for the winter to prevent the squirrels from digging them up. They are up and I look forward to flowers soon. ThisContinue reading “Christmas Fruit Cake (SAFFRON)”

Gluten Free Pear, SAGE, and Hazelnut Sweet Bread

We have had an unusually warm November. Many of my plants can still be harvested. Juniper, rue, lavender, marigold, sage, mugwort, motherwort, oregano, mint, nettles, feverfew, horehound and hyssop. Plants that are resinous, unwanted, strong of taste, or high in essential oils that are still hanging on as we approach winter, Many of these herbsContinue reading “Gluten Free Pear, SAGE, and Hazelnut Sweet Bread”

Herbal Furikake Seasoning (DANDELION)

What is furikake– a Japanese condiment made with tiny bits of dried ingredients like wasabi, nori ,egg, bonito/fish flakes, sesame seeds, and shiso leaves. . It is typically served on bland things like rice, noodles, vegetables, or fish. I like it served on popcorn or onigiri (a Japanese style rice “sandwich”) It is not theContinue reading “Herbal Furikake Seasoning (DANDELION)”