Learning About Herbs with Kids

I have come up with so many cool ways to support children as they learn about herbs for healing. Recipes, craft projects, resource lists, activities, themes, and age appropriate approaches. On any page (including this one ) you will see my category list towards the bottom following the posts. Click on the one labeled fledglings (for kids). You will be directed to all the posts that apply to kids. I hope that you try some of my ideas with your children. You are raising the next generation of herbalists and stewards of the the earth. Enjoy!

Studying Herbal Medicine Resources for Young and Elementary Aged Kids-click here.

Learning About Herbs through Crafts for All Kids-click here

Studying Herbal Medicine with Children Approaches for Preschoolers and Young Children.-click here

Nurturing Kids With The Herbal World-click here

Ritual Herbal Wash (Horehound)

Early fall before a first frost is a perfect time of year for moving stagnant energy and purifying living spaces or objects. All cultures use water for cleaning, discharging, rejuvenating, sanctifying, restoring, connecting , stimulating, cooling, heating, celebrating, replacing, nullifying, resolving, clarifying, repairing, blessing, balancing, transforming, regulating and proving communion with various forces. This ritualContinue reading “Ritual Herbal Wash (Horehound)”

Chicken Soup Medicine for the Soul (Lycium/GOJI berries)

In Eastern medicine it is common to add a paper bag of ingredients to something like a soup. Things like dried fruit, bark, twigs, roots or deer antler/gelatin. This becomes medicine instead of something a Western herbalist might prescribe like a tincture. These soups typically have chicken, rice, and vegetables. If you have traveled muchContinue reading “Chicken Soup Medicine for the Soul (Lycium/GOJI berries)”

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