House Cleansing and Blessing Solution (Angelica)

The weather is starting to change and in the evenings I often feel chilled. I still have a few fresh herbs in the garden. This self care practice is perfect for moving stagnant energy, purifying living spaces and clearing the energy of the “old year”. In many cultures washing floors is more than removing dirt.Continue reading “House Cleansing and Blessing Solution (Angelica)”

The Yoni/Vaginal Steam (YARROW)

A steam for you perineum or vagina should be part of regular self care for all girls and women. It is an ancient tradition common to many cultures. Thanks to midwives and indigenous healers, the practice is becoming more common here in the US. This steam is not a douche. Its purpose is not toContinue reading “The Yoni/Vaginal Steam (YARROW)”

Fumigating with Juniper Smoke

It took me ten years to figure out that I had a hidden treasure in my garden. I remember juniper bushes from my childhood in the 1970’s. They were a popular landscaping bush, adding texture and shape to the yard. They are considered to be drought tolerant and fast growing, As bushes they fill inContinue reading “Fumigating with Juniper Smoke”