Acne Tincture (OREGON GRAPE)

I have teenaged girls in the house. I am motivated to keep their skin healthy as it scars easily. A good acne tonic has herbs that sooth inflammation, reduce irritation, clear heat, cleanse “the blood”, fight infection, support the liver/other organs, promotes the movement of waste products like hormones, inhibits the growth of micro-organisms, healContinue reading “Acne Tincture (OREGON GRAPE)”

Allergy Tincture (Horehound)

A good allergy tincture is made of many herbs. Nettles is an obvious choice but what about horehound, echinacea, peppermint, rosemary, yarrow, ginger, Oregon grape root, elder flowers, and calendula too. Consider a blend of plants that are known for being anti inflammatory moving phlegm stimulating circulation having cooling properties that clear heat I usuallyContinue reading “Allergy Tincture (Horehound)”