Parsnips Glazed with Hyssop and Figs

There is only way to dress up parsnips and get a reluctant person reason to try this vegetable for the first time. With our new hoop house setup, I can get fresh hyssop all year round even when there is a foot of snow outside. The combination of dried figs and fresh hyssop is magicalContinue reading “Parsnips Glazed with Hyssop and Figs”

Soothing Bath For the Spirit (MARIGOLD)

By the end of the herbal year I have run out of ideas for how to use the rest of my abundant harvest of plants. Drying herbs for winter baths make lovely gifts. There will come a day in February when one is low in energy and craving a sensual experience that enlivens your veryContinue reading “Soothing Bath For the Spirit (MARIGOLD)”

THYME , Chamomile, and Oatmeal Sugar Scrub Bars

Last week my neighbor gifted me a large basket of culinary herbs. It was prefect timing as we had an unexpected freeze during the night. I also needed several projects to keep me distracted over a weekend stuck inside due to wildfires. I am always amazed at the creative combinations of ingredients found in allContinue reading “THYME , Chamomile, and Oatmeal Sugar Scrub Bars”