Herbal Incense Bundles with JUNIPER

Incense is composed of aromatic plant materials that are high in essential oils. It can contain resin, bark, branches, leaves, or flowers. Herbs in the conifer or mint families are popular choices. Humans have used incense for medicine, fumigation/ an anti-septic, worship, ceremony, deodorizing, to kill or repel insects/vermin, aromatherapy, keeping time and to supportContinue reading “Herbal Incense Bundles with JUNIPER”

Fumigating with Juniper Smoke

It took me ten years to figure out that I had a hidden treasure in my garden. I remember juniper bushes from my childhood in the 1970’s. They were a popular landscaping bush, adding texture and shape to the yard. They are considered to be drought tolerant and fast growing, As bushes they fill inContinue reading “Fumigating with Juniper Smoke”