Menopausal Electuary (CHASTE TREE)

This was my year to experiment with honey as a medicinal base. I have used it in a burn ointment, to make floral infusions, and as electuaries. What is an electuary? It is a powdered herb mixed with raw honey. The texture can vary from more like a syrup when less powder has been addedContinue reading “Menopausal Electuary (CHASTE TREE)”

MONARDA and Blackberry Oxymel

I try to make at least one oxymel a year. I enjoy experimenting with different combinations of fruits and spices. An oxymel is an infusion of herbs into vinegar and honey (see also shrubs, kvass, kombucha, switchels and other similar fermented “sodas”/drinks ). Plants easily give up their vitamins and minerals when added to vinegar.Continue reading “MONARDA and Blackberry Oxymel”