No More Blues Bath Potion (Plumeria)

Well this week certainly requires a long hot bath. Historically baths have been used to cleanse, purify, relax, soothe, heal, sanctify, and release. This mixture has plenty of essential oils to provide the benefits of aromatherapy too. My girls loved the color and scent which brought back memories of our trips to Hawaii .This is a really fun recipe to make with kids.

Blue Bath Potion

3 cups of liquid castille soap (rose if possible)

1 cup of vegetable glycerine

2/3 cup rice syrup

Lots of blue food coloring

10 drops ylang ylang essential oil

6 drops ginger essential oil

6 drops of plumeria essential oil (make sure it is not artificial)

Dilute with 1 cup of water

Mix with a whisk and pour into bottles

Shake well before using

Plumeria in bloom is one of my favorite smells. Immediately I am transported to a place that is warm, wet, tropical, and green. Rainbows, the roar of the ocean, sandy feet, waterfalls, shaved ice, colorful fish, iridescent roosters, sea turtles, exotic orchids, tasty fruit, palm trees, snorkel masks, hikes in the rain forrest and the best coffee all come to mind when I inhale.

This plant is found all over the world. It has been used as a purgative or remedy for- diarrhea, STD’s, bronchitis, cough, asthma, fever, bleeding piles, headache, back pain, rheumatism, asthma, shingles, dysentery, edema, fainting, diarrhea, malaria, blood disorders, insect “bites,” skin issues, warts and tumors.  Studies on the plant have reported to have anti-fertility, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hepatoprotective and antimicrobial activities.

Contraindications:Do not use if pregnant. Contains latex /white sap which can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people.

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