Gluten Free-Lemon, LAVENDER, Poppy Seed, Yellow Squash Cake

Lavender is in bloom all over town. If you don’t have it your yard I bet you have neighbor who does. Lavender is known for its amazing aromatic smell which can give baked goods a subtle floral flavor. I have an overabundance of summer squash this year and I am not a particular fan ofContinue reading “Gluten Free-Lemon, LAVENDER, Poppy Seed, Yellow Squash Cake”

Nurturing Kids With the Herbal World

No parent or guardian likes to see their child sick and suffering. Herbs have medicinal properties that help to support the physical body. But plants also have the ability to heal the emotional/spiritual body. The following ideas 1)create a relationship between plants and a child from a very early age. 2)surround children with healing “energy”Continue reading “Nurturing Kids With the Herbal World”