Sage mouthwash and toothpaste*

Even though I floss and brush regularly, dental care is challenging this year for several reasons. I have the time, knowledge and skills to be proactive and make my own simple solutions. I always feel comforted and empowered when I can use something made from my own garden. These recipes are inexpensive, effective, easy toContinue reading “Sage mouthwash and toothpaste*”

BLACK CURRANT and Thyme Oxymel

It is always exciting to find and experiment with something new. I made three oxymels this year, each using a different type of fruit-oranges, currants, and hawthorn berries. An oxymel is an infusion of herbs into vinegar and honey (see also shrubs, kvass, kombucha, switchels and other similar fermented “sodas”/drinks ). Plants easily give upContinue reading “BLACK CURRANT and Thyme Oxymel”

Support Strategies for Colds and The Flu

For once I feel ready for anything. The house is stocked full of food and other necessary supplies. It has not always been that way. When experiencing the worst of cold or flu symptoms I did not have a plan. Any herbal resources I had were either packed up in the basement or at the store. Useless whenContinue reading “Support Strategies for Colds and The Flu”