Super C Honey (ECHINACEA)

I have been making this electuary for years. It is handy to have around to treat viral and bacterial infections. I have an adverse reaction to vitamin C tablets and lots of citrus. This infused honey is easier for me to consume. Echinacea can be safely consumed by children and adults for acute conditions. It can be mixed into juice, nut butters, a popsicle formula, or tea.


Partially fill a large jar with high quality , organic honey.

Mix in 1-2 TBSP each of the following dried herbs, finely powdered-calendula, rosehips, star anise, dandelion root, licorice, orange peel, ginger, hibiscus, echinacea tops, and fennel

Stir and top off. There is no need to strain. I just mix in 1 tsp of the electuary into hot tea and drink. I don’t mind the herbal residue as it has a pleasant taste.

Echinacea is a perennial native to the United States. It grows 2-3 feet high with a single, hardy, bristly, redish stem. Leaves are dark green, rough/toothed on the margins, and hairy on the underside, spade shaped, opposite, on long petioles. Slightly aromatic (pitchy/resinous), creates a harmless, tingling sensation on tongue when tasted. The medicinal varieties have several, large, long, narrow pinkish/purple ray flowers that may droop. These surround a purple/brown/orange, conical/raised disk of tube flowers. Because some species are over harvested/endangered in the wild, it is best to grown your own or buy it cultivated

Echinacea has a history of removing infections and toxins from the body. It boosts white blood cell production and supports the immune system. It has been used to treat acute microbial inflammation, fever, colds, flu, sinus infections, bronchitis, ear infections, sore throat, tonsillitis, pneumonia blood poisoning, arthritis, yeast infections, herpes, cancer, cystic acne, tuberculosis, postpartum infection, mastitis, UTI’s childhood infections, and allergies. It can be used externally for boils, animal bites, insect stings, sepsis, poison ivy/oak, abscess, hives, cuts, cold sores, burns, and eczema. It relieves itchiness, repairs tissues and cleans out wounds. Can be ussed in a gargle for inflamed gums.

Latin Name: Echinacea angustifolia (photo above), Echinacea purperea

Botanical Family: Composite/Aster/Sunflower

Parts Used: roots, leaves, seed head, flowers

Energetics cool, pungent/bitter, dry

Element: air

Spiritual/Emotional Uses:-to support confidence, intuition, awareness, intelligence, organization, communication, consistency, moderation, harmony calmness and teamwork when dealing with others. Allows for balance and self control when managing resources. To restore strength, protection, integrity, and dignity.

Contraindications: avoid use immediately after surgery or if taking immunosuppressant drugs. Not the best choice for those with chronic viral diseases, or autoimmune conditions. Avoid if you have an aster allergy or experience nausea, dizziness, or throat irritation with use.

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My backyard botanical pharmacy is located in Boulder Colorado. I began studying herbal medicinewhen I was 12 years old. In college I studied subjects like anthropology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, After graduation I decided to go to midwifery school. I attended births and had a small practice until I retired early in order to be a mother full time. I have always had an herb garden, gathered plants and made my own healing formulas with plants. Over the last 30 years there have been many teachers and I have attended dozens of workshops. I am one of those people who is always reading, studying and learning. In 2019 I was called to practice as an herbalist professionally, using "plant spirit medicine" and bio-energetic ( 5 element)healing techniques. I feel that there is a big need in the community for my skills and talents. I hope to inspire others to start their own backyard pharmacies as a solution to species extinction and the healthcare crisis in America. Healing has also become a spiritual practice and way for me to feel balanced and connected with nature. I consult with clients in person, teach classes (adults and kids), give tours of my garden and offer apprenticeships. Health, joy, meaning, and support are everyone's birthright.

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