Before The Frost Hits Tea (RED RASPBERRY)

October is always my favorite month. I love the smells of rotting fruit, roasting green chiles and dusty dry leaves. The air often feels crisp, cold, fresh, and invigorating in the mornings. One never knows what will happen in October. How early that first frost or snow might hit where we live. When to timeContinue reading “Before The Frost Hits Tea (RED RASPBERRY)”

Condiments To Support Health*

I really enjoy cooking, especially if my ingredients include exotic spices, fresh herbs or vegetables grown in my garden. There is a long tradition of using food to support health. An obvious example would be dandelion leaves included as part of a spring salad.  They would help to support digestion and detoxify the liver in a body that has overindulged over theContinue reading “Condiments To Support Health*”

Flower Powered Carrot Salad

I love the look of a meal garnished with edible flowers. This simple salad includes- Calendula flowers- Thought to clear toxins, act as an anti inflammatory, Inhibit the growth of candida and other bacteria. Provide several minerals and nutrients. Borage Flowers-Support the health of bladder, kidneys and adrenals. Have been used to treat cough, fever, andContinue reading “Flower Powered Carrot Salad”