Prebiotic Electuary (MARSHMALLOW)*

Prebiotics are special plant fibers that support healthy bacteria to grow in your gut by providing them with food. They are carbohydrates that your body can’t digest, so they make it all the way to the colon where they are needed most. Your body’s microorganisms metabolize and ferment the prebiotics. Upon metabolism, byproducts such asContinue reading “Prebiotic Electuary (MARSHMALLOW)*”

Honey and Herb Based Burn Ointment (Comfrey)

Every year I have theme that organizes what I am going to harvest and make from the backyard pharmacy. In 2020 I made a lot of tinctures. In 2021 I focused on infused oils and salves. For 2023 it was all about seeing how much I could truly harvest and use for large amounts ofContinue reading “Honey and Herb Based Burn Ointment (Comfrey)”

Restful Sleep Sachet (catnip)

There are many young people and a few adults in our social circle who are not sleeping well. In some cases these are chronic situations or the internal consumption of herbs is contraindicated. An herbal sachet is a way to support the body with medicinal plants through “micro dosing” and using their aromatic properties. ThisContinue reading “Restful Sleep Sachet (catnip)”