Herbal Baby Powder and Diaper Rash Cream (CALENDULA)

I don’t have many babies in my life anymore but these were two fun things to make anyway. When choosing ingredients for little ones it is important to choose plants that are non toxic/safe and unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Always do a spot test on a baby’s wrist just in case. Aster allergies areContinue reading “Herbal Baby Powder and Diaper Rash Cream (CALENDULA)”

MUGWORT and Mullein Leaf Oil

Common mugwort and mullein work well together as a base oil. Once infused other oils can be added to reduce symptoms from Bell’s Palsy, vertigo, Meniere’s, rheumatism, TMJ, or shingles. All these conditions relate to “kidney”, ears, or inflammation of the nerves in the face. Maybe you are familiar with common mugwort as an ingredientContinue reading “MUGWORT and Mullein Leaf Oil”

Self Care Sunday :Self Massage with Constitutional Oils.

The concepts of constitutions (metabolic style, physical appearance, personality) ,humors (essences with a physical form like “blood”, “bile” or “phlegm” ) and the five elements (earth, fire, water, air space) exist in numerous cultures. If we follow a strict diet, adopt an specific lifestyle, live in a favorable surroundings and engage in certain rituals/practices thereContinue reading “Self Care Sunday :Self Massage with Constitutional Oils.”