Adiveh Seasoning (Saffron)

Speaking of roses

I bet very few of you have even used dried flowers as a spice option in cooking. This looks more like potpourri than something to be sprinkled on food. It is almost too pretty to eat. Perfect for dressing up grains or a protein if you feel like have been eating the same things for weeks or miss a favorite ethnic restaurant. Think recipes for loafs, braises, pilafs, and stews.

Adiveh Seasoning

Break up and grind one cinnamon stick in a coffee/spice grinder into coarse pieces.

To a large cast iron pan add the cinnamon pieces plus 6 tablespoon of whole coriander seeds and 4 tablespoon of whole cumin seeds. Toast on medium heat until the seeds begin to pop. Remove from heat and set aside to cool for five minutes.

In a mortar and pestle coarsely grind all the spices together add in 1/2 cup of whole organic/food grade dried rose petals. Stir in about 30-40 strands of saffron. Crush lightly.

Store in a jar and use within 6 months.

Rose petals are thought to be anti-microbial, an organ tonic, cooling, calming, reduce inflammation and treat all kind of digestive issues.

Coriander seed may help to digest food. They might reduce bloating, gas, cramps, bad breath, constipation and poor assimilation.

Cumin seeds have been used to help with diarrhea, indigestion , nausea, and colic.

Cinnamon is thought to dry any cold or damp in the digestive system. It has been used to prevent food poisoning and infection from numerous bacteria. It may increases overall circulation to all the organs and tissues thereby improving function.

Saffron. Is the stigmas from the Crocus sativus plant. This plant is cultivated in many countries and can be easily grown in US gardens. In the early spring an onion like corm sends up several thin, long leaves from its base. The grey/green leaves have hairy edges. and are surrounded by a tubular sheath. In late summer each corm produces 3-4 funnel shaped lilac flowers. It has long red style, 3 yellow stamens and 3 yellow stigmas.

Saffron thought to be a nervous system tonic. While not common in the West it does show up in Ayurvedic medicine. It helps to calm and regulate many things in the body. Historically small doses have been used for cough, fever, asthma, shock, childhood illnesses, stomach cramps, depression, insomnia, to increase circulation and as a sedative. Externally it can be used to treat pain and bruises. Saffron is the worlds most expensive spice and a common yellow dye.

Flavor:bitter, sweet, pungent



Contraindications/Caution-can be poisonous and cause kidney damage. A powerful narcotic that can be lethal. Avoid all but the smallest doses. Do not use long term or during pregnancy. Use only under the supervision of an expert practitioner.

What experiments in the kitchen are you trying to deal with boredom, use ingredients, and dress up meals.

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