Soothing Bath For the Spirit (MARIGOLD)

By the end of the herbal year I have run out of ideas for how to use the rest of my abundant harvest of plants. Drying herbs for winter baths make lovely gifts. There will come a day in February when one is low in energy and craving a sensual experience that enlivens your veryContinue reading “Soothing Bath For the Spirit (MARIGOLD)”

THYME , Chamomile, and Oatmeal Sugar Scrub Bars*

Last week my neighbor gifted me a large basket of culinary herbs. It was prefect timing as we had an unexpected freeze during the night. I also needed several projects to keep me distracted over a weekend stuck inside due to wildfires. I am always amazed at the creative combinations of ingredients found in allContinue reading “THYME , Chamomile, and Oatmeal Sugar Scrub Bars*”

Acne Tincture (OREGON GRAPE)

I have teenaged girls in the house. I am motivated to keep their skin healthy as it scars easily. A good acne tonic has herbs that sooth inflammation, reduce irritation, clear heat, cleanse “the blood”, fight infection, support the liver/other organs, promotes the movement of waste products like hormones, inhibits the growth of micro-organisms, healContinue reading “Acne Tincture (OREGON GRAPE)”