PLANTAIN and Herb Deodorant

As my body changes with menopause, I am always on the lookout for DIY beauty/hygiene products that are more natural and effective than what I can buy from the store. This recipe contains herbs that are cooling, soothing, flush wastes, prevent the growth of tumors, support the lymphatic system, surpresses the growth of micro-organisms, cleansContinue reading “PLANTAIN and Herb Deodorant”

The Yoni/Vaginal Steam (YARROW)

A steam for you perineum or vagina should be part of regular self care for all girls and women. It is an ancient tradition common to many cultures. Thanks to midwives and indigenous healers, the practice is becoming more common here in the US. This steam is not a douche. Its purpose is not toContinue reading “The Yoni/Vaginal Steam (YARROW)”

NETTLE Cleaning Clay Mask*

Skin problems can be chronic or appear suddenly at any age. This is a lovely masks that leaves the skin of everyone very clean, smooth, hydrated, and nourished. Betonite Clay-absorbs dirt, sebum and waste products without stripping the skin of moisture. It reduces inflammation, calms down acne breakouts, heals, and soothes by removing “heat”. ClayContinue reading “NETTLE Cleaning Clay Mask*”

Citrus and Summer Flowers Bath Salts

I feel like I have been harvesting calendula flowers every week. I planted way too much of it, crowding out my cabbages and parsley. This project makes a lovely gift that smells amazing. Soothing and refreshing after a long day in the garden or hike in the mountains. It is also an easy project toContinue reading “Citrus and Summer Flowers Bath Salts”