Chamomile and Vanilla Milky Oat Bath

The kids and I are starting to make gifts for the holidays. This is such a soothing bath in winter. The oats and chamomile help to support healthy skin and relieve any dryness or itchiness. My oldest daughter is fast approaching 13. She has an elaborate beauty routine already. The idea of a milk bathContinue reading “Chamomile and Vanilla Milky Oat Bath”

Winter Shampoo Bars with ROSEMARY and Bay

Self-isolation is even more challenging when there is 6 inches of snow on the ground. The girls can’t even ride their bikes in circles around the cul de sac. We depend on the library to homeschool and we are competing with my husband for precious bandwidth. There are suddenly so many reasons to begin their apprenticeship. IContinue reading “Winter Shampoo Bars with ROSEMARY and Bay”